Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cuppett Performing Arts Center, Vienna, VA

Last Friday night I had a session with some very talented dancers from Cuppett Performing Arts Center in Vienna, VA. The evening proved challenging and a lot of fun to "get the shot" technically correct for their performance program yet to be published. The girls certainly knew exactly what they needed to do. They worked extremely hard and are dedicated to their craft.

Special thanks to instructor Ashley Cuppett for all her efforts to help the girls, and me, with the session.


  1. Mcnally would be proud!! Great work Dan!!

  2. Dan - These are beautiful. You're doing so many amazing things with your camera.

  3. As a mother of one of the girls, I'd like to share that Dan was incredibly patient and professional as he sought to capture the perfect moment. It was a great experience for the girls!