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Kelly; A FaceBook Moment

Meet my friend Kelly. I had not seen her in about 26 years. She and I worked together many years ago at the old Woodward and Lothrop Department Store in Alexandria, Virginia. We are talking 1984 here. She and I were just young adults trying to pass the time while working in the lamp and housewares departments on those long, boring, summer nights when no one was really interested in shopping. We became fast friends. For me, she made going to work more fun and I've never forgotten those great times. Always with a smile she simply made work more interesting.

Soon after my leaving for college we lost touch. She married and had two beautiful daughters. I never thought I would see her again then one day there it was...."Friend Me". Through the magic of FaceBook we rekindled an old friendship and I was able to have a quick visit and a cup of joe with her while in Orlando last week. I asked her to sit for a few pics. Still as radiant as ever.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Streets of Ybor

Click the picture for a larger view.

PSW Rocks Orlando

Its been an unbelievably busy three days here at the Photoshop World Conference in Orlando. I've met so many new friends and many fantastic photographers that I aspire to be more like. I've learned so much it will take the rest of the spring and probably summer to absorb it all. The conference opened up with a rock show followed by many talented speakers including Dr. Russell Brown, one of the early pioneers of Photoshop and an Adobe employee for 25 years and of course Mr. Scott Kelby himself. Many cool gags and videos followed.

It's after 1:00 AM on Thursday...er...Friday morning and I've just gotten out of the legendary Midnight Madness. What fun. Thanks Matt Kloskowski for sneaking me in. I had the priveledge of meetng Matt at one of Jeff Revell's photowalks two years ago and he's been a good friend, looking out for me at every turn while I'm here. I have many pics to post and share over the next few weeks. Here are just a few.
In class with the highly successful Zack Arias.

We went on an urban safari in Y'bor City, Tampa

You can almost smell the cigars!

Treated to flamenco dancers.

On a walkabout with National Geographic Photographer, author, instructor, comedian, and all around nice guy Joe McNally. You probably have seen many of his fabulous images in NG, Sports Illustrated, Life magazine and many other publications. THIS was a good day and one I won't forget. Joe is a master at his craft. I love this pic.

Whatever your level of photography you should seriously consider attending at least one conference. These people know how to have fun.....and you learn a bunch of cool stuff too.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photoshop World Conference, Orlando

I'm extremely excited today as I am headed down to Orlando for the Photoshop World Conference. I'll be there all week taking classes taught by some of the world's best photographers. I have a special photo shoot set up tomorrow with internationally famous National Geographic Photographer Joe McNally and Pro Nature Photographer Moose Peterson. We'll be hopping a bus to the Latin District in Tampa bay to do some on location urban photography.

Later I'll be hooking up with my friend Matt Kloskowski of Photoshop User TV fame as well as some local photographer friends of mine from the DC area, Jeff Revell and Mike Meyers. Its going to be one big party and I finally get to be a part of it!

I hope to have many cool photos to post for the rest of the spring :)

And of course, thanks to my lovely bride Laura for supporting me on this great adventure. I would not have gone with out your love and encouragement.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Legal Marketing June Conference

My brother Ben kicks off another GLM conference for this June. See his new video HERE. Some of my photography from the last conference appears in the banner.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vienna Merit Badge Day ~ Boys Scouts

I was asked to take the group shot at the Vienna Merit Badge Day for Boy Scouts so I decided to do a very quick 3 shot hand held HDR image. I think it worked well.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Capital Area Council For Boy Scouts, Bethesda, MD

Haven't posted in a few days. Been very busy with clients and kids, clients and kids, things are going well. I had a recent shoot up in Bethesda last week and popped in on my friends at the NCAC. I had been working with the marketing director to donate some of my work I had taken over several years at the Goshen Scout Reservation in Goshen VA. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the lobby to see one very large HDR image I did of Lake Merriweather as seen from View Rock. Its a fantastic hike for the scouts with a beautiful view at the peak. Several more pics were hanging throughout the building.

One of my favorites. Young scouts waiting for their swim test.

An American Classic; the Pinewood Derby Grand Prix.

Not to be outdone....my son, Danny, had a few pictures as well including this great shot of his friend leaning off the side of a sailboat.....

....and this picture of my big mug and my big fish from our adventures at Florida Seabase.