Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kelly; A FaceBook Moment

Meet my friend Kelly. I had not seen her in about 26 years. She and I worked together many years ago at the old Woodward and Lothrop Department Store in Alexandria, Virginia. We are talking 1984 here. She and I were just young adults trying to pass the time while working in the lamp and housewares departments on those long, boring, summer nights when no one was really interested in shopping. We became fast friends. For me, she made going to work more fun and I've never forgotten those great times. Always with a smile she simply made work more interesting.

Soon after my leaving for college we lost touch. She married and had two beautiful daughters. I never thought I would see her again then one day there it was...."Friend Me". Through the magic of FaceBook we rekindled an old friendship and I was able to have a quick visit and a cup of joe with her while in Orlando last week. I asked her to sit for a few pics. Still as radiant as ever.

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