Monday, March 22, 2010

Photoshop World Conference, Orlando

I'm extremely excited today as I am headed down to Orlando for the Photoshop World Conference. I'll be there all week taking classes taught by some of the world's best photographers. I have a special photo shoot set up tomorrow with internationally famous National Geographic Photographer Joe McNally and Pro Nature Photographer Moose Peterson. We'll be hopping a bus to the Latin District in Tampa bay to do some on location urban photography.

Later I'll be hooking up with my friend Matt Kloskowski of Photoshop User TV fame as well as some local photographer friends of mine from the DC area, Jeff Revell and Mike Meyers. Its going to be one big party and I finally get to be a part of it!

I hope to have many cool photos to post for the rest of the spring :)

And of course, thanks to my lovely bride Laura for supporting me on this great adventure. I would not have gone with out your love and encouragement.

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