Sunday, April 26, 2009

U.S.S. Anzio

This was the majestic view that greeted us this very morning in Sandbridge, Virginia just south of Virginia Beach. Scouts of Troop 976 of Vienna were invited to tour the U.S.S. Anzio (CG 68) docked at the Naval Base in Norfolk. Through the persistence and determination of our fearless Scoutmaster, our trip included an unexpected visit to the air craft carrier U.S.S Teddy Roosevelt (CVN-71) which was moored nearby. All the Navy and Marine soldiers we met along the way were most accommodating and we thank them for their patience and dedication.

On the look out.

Ever the watchman, Scoutmaster Bryan Richards takes it all in before our 6:30 reveille. You'll have to excuse his shirttail, it was a late night and very early morning.

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