Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Baker With a Big Heart

Our Cubz gathered last night for the annual Holiday Bake Off where the kids bake goodies during the week and enter them for a chance to win. Coming in First Place in the Artistic Category for his cupcake rendition of a scout camp out was my good buddy and Webelo Luke. The scene below is worthy of a ribbon for sure.

What I had not noticed until Luke brought it to my attention was that he had carefully crafted a miniature of myself, the Cubmaster, fast asleep under my "I love Boy Scouts" blanket and my camera safely perched upon my chest.

Its many small moments such as this that make being a scout leader well worth the time and effort. I was touched.

My son Reilly with his almost award winning cake he made with his older brother; Chef Liam.


  1. Those cupcakes are truly amazing! I can't believe the intricate work and how good it is! yours of course is adorable. Love liam's cake also. mk

  2. I miss this fabulous event!