Monday, October 12, 2009

Camp William B. Snyder, Haymarket Va.

When fall arrives its camping time for Cubs from Pack 976 of Vienna, Va. To get our new Tigers and new recruits out into the woods we head out to Camp William B. Snyder. This 350-acre camp, located in Haymarket, Virginia is the latest and greatest camping experience offered by the National Capital Area Council and the Boy Scouts of America. The boys enjoy a weekend of activities like BB guns, archery, the Big Dig, hiking, and of course the late night fire and roasting marshmallows. Hats off to Eric Steele, the Camp Director, who keeps things rolling along at such a large facility.

The Fort awakes.

Beautiful scenery.

BBs ~ Always a Cub favorite.

Akela Village

The day would not be complete without burning a few marshmallows.

You can almost smell it!

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  1. Great shots of a great camp! The fort is awesome!