Friday, August 28, 2009

Diamond In The Rough

I found this beauty sitting in a garage while walking the streets of Tilghman Island. Can any of you car enthusiasts tell me the year and model of this classic Volvo?

This photo is an HDR comprised of 3 shots, hand held, married in Photomatix, adjusted in Photoshop with the Topaz Adjust plug-in, then tweaked in Adobe Lightroom. That's a mouth full.


  1. That is a Volvo 544 produced from 1958 thru 1965 (243,996 made). This one looks to be modified due to the spot lights, GT badge, lack of hood chrome, no "V-O-L-V-O" letters on the leading edge of the hood, and wide alloy wheels. Also not a stock Volvo PV544 color. Difficult to pinpoint the year but prior to 1961 they were six volt and the smaller 1.6 liter engines and 1965 saw only 3,400 made. In 1963 the rustproofing was better than the previous years. My bet is either a 1963 PV544E or 1964 PV544F and without the original 95 hp 1.8 liter engine. Much different from my 1964 1800S (47,462 made from 1961 thru 1973) or newest acquisition 1965 122S 4 door (234,209 made from 1956 thru 1967). Come by place and take some pictures sometime.