Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1800 Wilson Blvd

Recently I was helping out a friend who does Real-estate shots and tours. I found myself down near Clarendon in Arlington at 1800 Wilson Blvd. This is a fairly new condominium complex. Here I discovered two things. The first, I don't really care too much for real-estate shooting, meaning, I find exteriors for more interesting than kitchens and dining rooms. I decided to add in a little HDR (high dynamic range) effect to spice up the pic. Thought they looked great. The second thing occurred while waiting for the Realtor who was running late......
....it was here that I stumbled on the Cafe Assorti located on the ground floor of the same complex. Looked like a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a nightcap as they had a fully loaded bar. I could see myself spending some time here if all I had to do was take the elevator up. I had a nice conversation with the manager, Mr. Benjamin Slocum, who treated me to a fresh danish. I promised to send him some pics.


  1. Thanks Mike, funny story behind the pics. Seems the realtor thought my HDR photo was nothing more than a picture of a picture I must of took on the wall :)