Friday, March 6, 2009

Leap of Faith

Through the encouragement of my wife (who put an iMacPro Laptop under the Christmas tree for me) I am making the jump to Mac. It has been rather involved as I had no Mac software to speak of. So there has been a little more investment required to get up and running with transferring my photos and work tools. But I am loving it. Both Adobe Literoom and Photoshop CS4 really sing on this set up. With the purchase of a $30 adapter I can use my very nice HP widescreen from my previous set up. Mac has a great program for using dual monitors and its pretty cool. Really enhances the work flow as does the addition of the Wacom Pen tablet (they say once you go pen tablet you never go back). I am also now backed up with a desktop 1 Terrabyte external hardrive and a rugged portable 250 GB hardrive for on the go. Apple also offers a One on One training program at the Apple Store in Tysons' Corner Mall for one hour a week for a year. I hope to add Mac Guru to my list by the end of the program.

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