Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Legal Marketing With Ben Glass

Today I attended the first of three days with the fine folks at Great Legal Marketing hosted by none other then my brother Ben Glass. I was hired to take some stock photos for web use and other publications. As I sat and listened to one great idea after another, mostly geared towards bringing in new business over the web, I came up with an idea of my own; this slide show produced through Animoto. Its a great lead in to what ever subject your promoting and finishes with a hot link to the URL of your choosing. Additionally, it is uploadable to your iPhone, YouTube, FaceBook, your blog, and many other web based medias. And finally, you can download a high resolution copy to your computer or DVD for your customer.

Making the slideshow is fairly easy for anyone that knows their way around a computer, however, getting good images is what really makes the show and you really have to know your photography....

....or hire someone who does ;)



  1. That was quick! Looks like this conference is the place to be for the weekend! Have fun today, wish I could be there

  2. Great job! Ben sure is lucky to have a little brother who knows what he's doing :-)